Beginner Aerial Silks

Open to 12 years and up. This class is designed to teach students new to aerial silks how to tie safety knots, basic arm and foot wraps, and learn various styles of climbing. At the beginning and end of the class you will use stretching and cardio to warm up and condition the body. You will be introduced to safety methods using the fabric and inverts and poses using a safety knot.

Intermediate/Advanced Aerial Silks

Once the basics have been covered this class covers the transition to higher limits. You will learn floor work, climbing into foot and body wraps, drops, and advanced poses. Before and after class we focus on flexibility and acrobatic conditioning.



This class is open to 6-12 year old children. Using guidance and fun activities, the student will learn basic acrobatic material using the aerial silks. Movement and familiarity with the fabric is introduced using safety knots. Various climbing styles are taught. Students will be introduced to foot and arm wraps.  

Aerial Lyra

Experience the movement on and around the aerial hoop. This class teaches motion through the lyra and familiarizes the student with poses and drops on the hoop. Includes aerial strength training and flexibility for acrobats.

Chair Balance

In chair balance classes we use a folding chair to assist us in the workout. We focus on fluid movement around a chair as an artistic dance form. Using the chair to assist us we will learn a series of stretches and exercises. Most classes include a routine. Chair balance is focused on acrobatic poses pioneered by The Flying Okie.




Youth Beginner Silks 1:00 PM @ Metro Gymnastics

Youth Beginner Silks 4:00 PM @ Metro Gymnastics

Youth Intermediate Silks 5:00 PM @ Metro Gymnastics


Beginner Lyra 5:30 PM @ Magic Tree

Intermediate/Advanced Lyra 6:30 PM @ Magic Tree


Youth Beginner Silks 1:00 PM @ Metro Gymnastics


Youth Beginner Silks 4:30 PM @ Metro Gymnastics

Youth Intermediate Silks 5:35 PM @ Metro Gymnastics


Open Level Lyra 10:30 AM @ Magic Tree

Open Level Aerial Silks 12:00 PM @ Magic Tree


Magic Tree

1701 NW 16th ST, Oklahoma City, OK  73106

Inside the Velvet Monkey Salon in the Plaza District



$15 per class

$50 4 classes/month

Youth Classes

$78.75/4 classes/month

Private Lesson         $45/half hour  


 Please call or email to set up a class or workshop at your studio.

All Classes are Co-Ed



What do I wear?

Opt for stretchy material! Wear form fitting pants that rest between your knee and your ankle. Tights or leggings are usually best. Tops must also be form fitting, keep in mind we will be upside down. Wear whichever shoes make you feel the most wonderful! Although, we will be barefoot during class. Please no rings, bracelets, loose jewelry etc.

What should I bring? 

Bring a water. Always stay hydrated! A yoga mat if you would like to use your own. I usually have three or four to spare. A friend! It's always fun to bring someone to enjoy a good workout.