Recovery days...

This weekend's performance at the Womb was fantastic. I loved sharing my craft with OKC. Everyone that performed Saturday night was wonderful. Saw a very modern fashion show produced by a local business, Revel Eight Salon and Spa. All of the gals' hair was incredible. During the night I heard a fresh and talented new band, Eureeka. So upbeat and danceable. It was perfect to hang upside down to in the night air, although chilly. We just barely missed the rain. Caught the tail end of some wicked humidity for a bit though. No worries, it was quickly swept away by the ever changing Oklahoma temperatures, which seem to be dropping swiftly.

Mondays really have grown into something great for me. They're significantly more bearable when you're working on something you love, but most importantly, Monday means RECOVERY. Every athlete knows that a long week of physical activity will leave you exhausted. Today has been filled with leisurely stretching, Milano cookies, and lots of BioFreeze. Waking up this morning was a struggle to convince myself to roll into a split stretch anyway. Regardless of sore muscles, STRETCH EVERY DAY! I can never idle too long. I'll be back at it tomorrow.

Thanks so much for the support Oklahoma! 

Always, Cat.