Cat Carter has been teaching and performing aerial acrobatics since 2010. She is the 2015 Lyra Champion at the Texas Aerial Festival and the winner of the 2016 People's Choice award for Lyra in Chicago. Her passion is to share her love for aerial arts with her students and with the public. She has featured in performances next to the Oklahoma City and Norman Philharmonic companies. She has participated annually with the Norman Music Festival since 2011. Cat frequents festivals with her aerial performances, including Mystik Sanctuary and Drumwright's Oilpatch Festival. Before she began learning aerials she studied gymnastics and dance. Cat trained in gymnastics and power tumbling for six years. While dancing for four years, she studied Pointe Ballet, Tap, and Jazz which now contributes to her performance style.

Cat's style of performance consists of classical movement with a modern twist. The fluid motion meets a wild skyward leaping dance. Twists and turns with a hint of daredevil, witness the amazing Flying Okie!




The Flying Okie, Cat Carter, at Norman Music Festival 2013












2015 Texas Aerial Festival